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Update on Special Election

Good Morning Mustang Park Homeowners,

As you know, recently there was a Special Election in the community. As you know, the results of that election are as follows:

In this Election, there was 153 votes casts, which is 39% of all homeowners.

On the first question, if the Association should have a onetime $300 Special Assessment, to pay for the Bridge Repairs.

On this question, 123 homeowners, 80% of the votes cast, voted to approve the question. There were 30 homeowners, or 20%, who voted to deny it.

On the second question, if the HOA should raise the Capitalization Fee that is paid when a house is sold, to $500, to raise Reserves.

On this question, 139 homeowners, 91% of the votes cast, voted to approve the question. There were 14 homeowners, or 9% who voted too deny it.

After these results came in, in an abundance of caution, the Board asked me to reach out to the Association Attorney, and get a legal opinion on how this was done. Just to make sure the Association was doing this in an acceptable manner.

The Legal Opinion, given by Judd Austin, or Henry Oddo Austin and Fletcher is attached.

This will also be posted to the website, for your convenience in the future.

More information will be sent when the steps forward are determined.

Click here to download and read the Legal Opinion from Judd Austin of HOAF - 5-11-22

Mustang Park HOA

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